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Colorado Eye Care is an Ophthalmology medical practice that provides comprehensive eye care ranging from regular eye exams to the treatment of medical and surgical problems involving the eye. Our practice continues to grow as we strive to provide personal, quality care to our patients.

We specialize in several areas of eye care including refractive (LASIK) surgery as well as cataract and glaucoma management. We also diagnose and manage such eye problems as macular degeneration, dry eye and allergy, and diabetic eye care.

We pride ourselves on providing state-of-the-art ophthalmic care with the highest degree of compassion and individual care. Our staff is highly trained and strives to make each patient’s experience a positive one. We focus not only on treating the problem, but on treating the patient.

We are located in the Englewood area, easily accessible from most metro areas. We participate with most medical insurance plans as well as medicare. We gladly accept new patients.